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Explore how our award-winning range of innovative hybrid and electric cars look to the future by building on our outstanding progress in efficiency, range and flexibility. Making it that much easier for you to now make the switch to alternative fuels.

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Hybrid cars have a regular combustion engine at their heart that’s assisted to varying degrees by an electric motor to achieve low emissions. The batteries that power the motor are charged by the engine and via regenerative braking. ‘Plug-in’ hybrid models have larger batteries that can also be charged from the mains for extra range. They can run on electric power alone in order to achieve zero emission driving.

  • Tucson 48V Hybrid Tucson 48V Hybrid
  • IONIQ Plug-in IONIQ Plug-in
  • IONIQ Hybrid IONIQ Hybrid
  • Kona Hybrid Kona Hybrid
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Electric cars are petrol / diesel free and run solely on battery powered electric motors for zero emission driving. The batteries are charged via a mains supply and through regenerative braking. Continual advances have greatly extended their driving range, boosted their torque, reduced charging times and established a better recharging infrastructure. NEXO is a vision of tomorrow which uses a hydrogen fuel cell stack as a power source rather than a mains supply.

  • IONQ Electric IONQ Electric
  • Kona Electric Kona Electric
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Hyundai Kona electric

The time for
change is now

Hybrid and electric cars have come of
age and are being embraced by local
and national government initiatives.

Claim financial

Switch to electric and you
can save up to £3,000* on the cost of your car

and a further £500* when installing a home charging unit.

* Government grant amounts are subject to change

Travel in low emission zones

As an increasing number of cities impose congestion charges and low emissions zones in order to protect their air quality, certain hybrid and electric cars are a way to protect your ability to travel in these areas.

Breathe easy with
the All-New NEXO

Pioneering hydrogen fuel cell technology offers zero emission driving, fast refuelling times and cleans the air as you drive.

413 mile range
Hyundai Nexo

There’s nothing quite like our ingenious All-new NEXO. It has only one emission: water. This is made possible by the world’s most efficient fuel cell system, combining oxygen and hydrogen to create a flow of electrons that powers the electric drive motor and charges the 1.56 kWh high voltage battery.

It’s a vision of tomorrow that’s available today.

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